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Ursula Haverbeck: 87 Year Old Grandmother Jailed for Denying Holocaust.

German 87-year-old “Nazi grandma” jailed for denying the Holocaust 2015-11-14 6:55 From: foxnews.com Editor’s Comment: Is she right to question the unquestionable? Decide for yourself, look at the videos linked up below this article. A well-known 87-year-old German “Neo-Nazi grandmother” … Continue reading

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UK Alternative news bloggers evaporate since election – 4bitNEWS

UK Alternative news bloggers evaporate since election – 4bitNEWS.

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Who May You NOT Critisize?

KISS Last week Aangirfan posted; http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/divide-and-rule.html Where he stated; ”The elite want us to get worked up about liberals, gays, conservatives, blacks, Jews, Moslems” And finished the post with; So, who are we not allowed to criticise? You will see … Continue reading

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Under Threats from Jewish Groups, TalkStreamLive Drops Inside the Eye – Live! from Saturday Line-up

Under threats from Jewish media censors monitoring TalkStreamLive, TalkStreamLive has removed without any notification the popular political talk show, Inside the Eye – Live! with The Fetch, from TalkStreamLive’s Saturday aggregation line-up. Sources note that Jewish groups have been active … Continue reading

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