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Chris Spivey, Yawn.

For those who’ve been in this ‘game’ for more than a few years will know what the ‘yawn’ means. You see we’ve seen it all before, those who remember actor Charlie Veitch, paid BBC scumbag and coward extraordinaire, he was … Continue reading

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Tony Farrell, Another ‘Prominent’ Voice.

But has anyone in the ‘truth’ movement stopped to ask who he actually is? Just like Icke, Ian Crane, and ‘insider’ whistleblowers likeĀ  Shayler, MachonĀ  (recently on Jeremy Vines Radio 2 show a week after Jones and Piers Morgan) etc, … Continue reading

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Trolls, bless ’em M IVI.

As a rule, 99% of responses to this blog are positive, encouraging and uplifting. We do get attacks and they are usually predictable , writing about Police or common purpose should do the trick, then one will appear, maybe more … Continue reading

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